Box/Stand Details

Burning detail shown with Pegasus design.  Anything that can be burned, can also be painted or carved in relief for additional fees

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Subject to availability, colors will vary.  Velveteen shown.

Wand Stand/Box/Pouch


These include the heraldic style animals, vines, carved textures, and tip carvings.  (The pictures don't do the painted details justice.)


Subject to availability, colors may vary.  These are just a few of the stones available.

Suede Color

Subject to availability, Colors may change.

Stain Color

The Deluxe Style Wand comes with 7 stones inlaid in the shaft and 5 pendant stones/charms to hang from the bangles.  Some wands pictured have extra carving/burning/painting details.

The Basic wand comes with five shaft stones, a suede leather handle and 3-5 leather bangles.

The Fancy Wand is just like the Basic, except you get three pendant stones/charms of your choice to hang from the bangles.

Wand type

Here you can choose the details of your own custom made wand and then fill out the order form to place your order.  Please note, there are no refunds or exchanges on custom orders.  You can also order custom ornaments, costumes, and wooden boxes with this form.  If you have any questions about the form, or suggestions to make it better please feel free to message me!  The link to the form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Dragon Flame Wands