T. S. Rider

 T. S. Rider is an Author and Artist in Central Texas.  She enjoys being outdoors, animals, various crating activities, as well as writing and her art.  She is an avid sewer, making different costumes for the conventions she attends.  The wands she makes were originally an accessory for one of these costumes.  After receiving many compliments and requests for more wands like the one she had she began to make several, and even began making accessories like boxes and stands.

Her initial intent were for the wands to simply be art/conversation pieces, but because of her wand making techniques many of her Wiccan friends have informed her of their magical uses.

All of T. S. Rider's wands are made from natural pecan wood sticks that have fallen from the tree.  They are only cut when the trees are in need of pruning.  The bark is removed and then T. S. Rider begins the designing process.

This is a fairly simple process of choosing the stones to be inlaid in the shaft, their placement and if any additional carving is to be done on the wand.  Once the inlays are cut, it is then that she stains the wand one of several wood stains that range from a natural color to bring out the wood grain to a deep black.

After staining if there is any painting to be done it is done with water based acrylic paints, and then the stones are set in their inlays.  Then the wand is taken and sealed with a water-based sealer to preserve the stain/painting, and help hold the stones in place.

It is only now that the color of the leather for the handle is chosen.  The wrapping of the handle is a very delicate process, too much tension could make the leather break or tear, too little and the handle could unwrap.  All the leather used for the handles is a soft suede that is comfortable and easy to hold.

The leather used to wrap the handle tends to be one very long strip, and there is always some left over.  It is this leather that is used to make the "bangles" or "fairy ticklers" that hand from the end of the wand.  These bangles could have more stones that mirror the ones inlaid in the shaft tied to them or they could have pendants or charms attached.

The "bangles" are attached to the end of the wand with a brass/stainless steel decorative upholstery nail.  This is typically hidden by the bangles, but it is just as decorative, and is chosen like the stones and leather, with an artists eye.

Once the wand is completed, a box or stand may be made for it, but this depends on the wand itself.  Some wands deserve boxes so that they may sit in comfort and surrounded by a color of velveteen that accents their own design.  Other wands need only stands to show off the beauty of their carving from all sides.

T. S. Rider takes the same approach to her beaded jewlery.  Carefully selecting the beads and designing each piece.  Depending on which technique she is using, bead loom or needle and thread, each piece is carefully crafted to be a stunning accessory.  The same can be said of her more traditional sculptures and costumes.

She uses various materials from sculpey(c), to terra cotta clay, to random bits and pieces of things to create different effects and creatures all that come from her imagination.

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